Noorunissa International
Montessori Academy (Elementary)

Mindful education that nurtures leadership.

(Kindergarten - Grade 6)

The Montessori Method is the foremost way to build children's inner discipline and independence that serve as guiding values in their future educational endeavours.
Emphasizing compassion and collaboration in all interactions, children grow into confident and caring members of their community. 


Primary Elementary

Kindergarten - Grade 3

Daily bilingual instruction in French and English broaden children's minds and nurture their innate adventurous spirits. Small classes enable children to access personalized support from our experienced Montessori educators in order to follow their interests and their natural desire to learn.

Intermediate Elementary

Grades  4-6

Between the ages of 9-12, children use imagination and move from concrete representation to abstract thinking as they seek to bring order to the various disconnected facts and ideas they encounter in the world. They are able to think hypothetically. Montessori believed it is also a time of great moral development. 

The journey from childhood to adolescence is a joyful experience when it is guided by adults who understand the developmental characteristics and needs of children. The Montessori environment, both the classroom and the home, provides a safe, nurturing opportunity for children to grow and become confident, independent, productive citizens of the world.


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"One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child."
Maria Montessori