Nurturing Young Minds While Keeping the Spirit Free

Welcome to International Montessori Academies

We are committed to providing exceptional Montessori education from preschool to grade 6, in the Cowichan Valley. Our heart-centred approach to learning fosters creativity and teaches children to think big! 

Our non-denominational, not for profit society is led by Ms, Inayat Bergum, the school's director. With Montessori Academies across North America, Ms. Inayat believes in providing an inclusive learning environment that allows children to learn according to their individual passions.


Why Choose International Montessori Academies?

Since 2016 Ms. Inayat and her team of trained Montessori Educators have been teaching children at THE HUB in Cowichan Station.

Surrounded by natural beauty, our stunning school inspires students to explore and nurture their innate curiosity.

We believe each and every child is given gifts that can benefit their own lives and the lives of the people around them. When nurtured and fostered accordingly, these unique gifts can inspire a child to make the world a better place for everyone.

International Montessori Academies Programs

Preschool - Grade 6


"Our school's motto is “learning from the inside out", meaning we focus on the heart of the child first, by awakening his own awareness and conscience."

Ms. Inayat Bergum, International Montessori Academy Director

Our School

Our primary campus is nestled in the stunning Cowichan Valley at THE HUB at Cowichan Station.

Our secondary campus is located in beautiful Shawnigan Lake.


Our Grounds

Both campuses are surrounded by the spectacular forests and natural beauty of the Cowichan Valley. In addition, our Shawnigan Lake campus offers stunning lake views. Our students enjoy daily active play time on our playgrounds that includes access to natural play features and play equipment. Additionally there are several forested trails within walking distance of both campuses where students enjoy regular excursions. 

Our Classrooms

Our classrooms have been specifically designed to foster each child's independence and encourage them to follow their interests. With small class sizes, our educators are able to provide regular one-on-one lesson time with every child, in addition to group and individual work.


Our Materials

Montessori materials encourage self-directed and hands-on learning. A wide variety of materials that support math, science, literacy, creativity, and collaborative play are available to our students. These tools allow each child to explore and discover their interests so that they may grow.

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Both of our girls have attended the International Montessori Academy for their preschool years and we have been so impressed with the calm, loving, and supportive environment.  Our children leave each day happy and content ready to share what they have learned. 

T.S. and G.T

The sheer amount that the kids are able to absorb and learn each day is incredible! At only three years old my daughter has been learning how to write her name, do math and puzzle solving, and how to get along in a classroom with her friends and teachers. The difference is night and day from other schools I have experienced.


What Our Happy Families Are Saying